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HT Panel

Product Details:

We are the only panel manufacturer who provides distribution panel with HT and LT cabling . Conductors used in LT and HT cables: As we all know that the conductor is the most vital part of the cable and the entire efficiency of the cable .

Construction of these cables is similar to every other cable. Basic parts of these cables are the conductors, inner and outer sheaths, insulating layers, filler material, armour and copper taping. A few cables which fall under the category of power transmission cables, but transmit the power via over head mediums are also LT cables popularly known as aerial bunched cables. These cables are safe, reliable, have very less power losses, less cost of operation and maintenance. Such cables are an ideal choice for installations in semi urban, rural, forest area or areas with difficult terrain. Such aerial bunched cables are manufactured and tested according to IS:14255 and other specifications. These cables have excellent protection against line and ground faults.